News from Bygone Times

Goole and Marshland Gazette 1st April 1858


Storm on Whit Monday


       The dreadful hurricane which swept across the country on the morning of the 28th May has caused an enormous amount of damage in this neighbourhood.....  The handsome avenue of elms at Goole Hall is fearfully thinned and many trees there and at Saltmarshe, Whitgift and Reedness Halls are level with the ground.  About 7 o’clock in the morning, the Marshland postman was taken completely off his feet and pitched with great violence on his head....

Reedness Fair stalls outside the Half Moon inn

Goole and Marshland Gazette September 1858


September Sailing Match


     On 11th August, a sailing match took place between the yacht “Neptune”, the property of Mr. J. Ellis, of Goole and the “Jack-o’-Lantern”, the property of J. Egremont Esq. of Reedness.  The stakes being £5 a side and the distance from Reedness to Hull and back.  The “Jack-o’-Lantern” came in a considerable distance victorious.


   Goole and Marshland Gazette 23rd January 1875


     We understand that boring for coal at Reedness will be resumed on Captain Egremont’s estate in the second week of March.  On the previous occasion, when borings were tried, a thousand feet were reached without coal being discovered but we understand that the engineers now called in have reported that they are sanguine that if borings are continued to 1,200 feet coal will be found.  We trust this will be the case, and that before long we may have the pleasure of announcing that the search for coal in this locality has been successful, as the gentlemen immediately concerned could wish.

John Ireland’s Farm

Reedness Hall